Why cyber security needs to move from the server
room to the boardroom

Now that most organisations rely on digital and cyber technologies and processes, cyber security has become a business problem, not an IT problem. The smartest businesses have elevated cyber security to the boardroom level because the fallout from a successful attack can have significant and far-reaching consequences on the business as a whole.

At the same time, we understand that information security must enable business objectives and not limit them. It’s counterproductive to put such strict security measures in place that your business can’t move freely. But you need to protect against the reputational and financial damage that can cripple your business if you fall victim to an attack.

You need a cyber security partner that knows who you are, understands your business objectives, and can help you operate safely in ways that make sense for your business.

Let Aleron help you

Aleron designs, customises and manages information security solutions, supporting you throughout the full cyber security lifecycle.

Our approach includes defining assets and quantifying the impact of any damage or loss of those assets. We help you define and communicate your security policies, processes and risk frameworks. And we help you follow these policies either by supplying you with expert staff or by working with your team.

We provide experienced security strategy skills, innovative engineering and systems integration. We combine the latest open source technology to provide state of the art secure cloud automation and continuous integration processes to provide reliable application stability.

Aleron offers

  • Cyber security strategy

    We design the right strategy for
    your business based on a deep
    understanding of your risk profile
    and your operational needs, then
    we implement it in a way that
    makes sense for your business.

  • Professional services and

    We’re part of your team,
    providing additional staff
    members if you need them,
    reviewing your risk on an ongoing
    basis and helping you keep your
    network and data secure.

  • Managed services

    We’re with you every step of the
    way to make sure your cyber
    security solution and policies are
    working hard to protect your
    organisation so you can get on
    with growing your business.