Aleron’s Executive Dashboard provides a fast, easy and effective way to establish and maintain
situational awareness across your organisation’s security, IT health and compliance landscape.
The Dashboard alerts the organisation when systems are becoming overloaded, or when they fall into
non-compliance with any security or regulatory requirements.

The Executive Dashboard benefits both technical staff and executives by delivering a customised and
consistent view of the health of IT systems relating to business units serviced. Executives gain an overall
picture of the organisation’s status, and technical staff can prioritise their workflows in line with
business requirements by quickly drilling down into relevant technical views.

The Dashboard accelerates problem identification, saving time and money by addressing problems
before they impact the organisation.

Aleron’s Executive Dashboard helps businesses by delivering:

  • improved visibility of security posture and compliance status
  • a single source of truth for security compliance
  • efficiency in data collection and reporting
  • insights for anticipating potential network problems
  • insights on cloud/storage/data consumption
  • insights to improve efficiencies and improve ROI from IT expenditure
  • up-to-date information in line with desired reporting frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly).

Using Aleron’s Executive Dashboard, your organisation will improve visibility and consistency across
your IT infrastructure while reducing manual effort.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) recently doubled its Top 4 cyber security strategies to counter cyberattacks to an Essential Eight, with the
publication of the Strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents. ASD has created this list of practical actions that can save the wasted time, money
and effort, and avoid the reputational damage that comes with a successful attack. Implementing these Essential Eight creates a strong security
foundation on which you can build your IT infrastructure. Aleron’s Executive Dashboard lets your business easily monitor and track meeting the
ASD Essential Eight.

Read more about the ASD Essential Eight on our blog

Aleron’s Executive Dashboard solution
consists of three elements:

  • 1

    The Dashboard visualises all IT
    systems, presenting compliance
    and IT health status.

  • 2

    The Conductor scans the network,
    polls system management
    products and ingests data from all
    network sources.

  • 3

    A secure datastore enables fast
    searching capability.

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